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Within the Wilds of Michigan lay opportunities for experiences and memories that can last a lifetime while only requiring a relatively short amount of time to complete. We know the Wilds offers an abundance of unique nature and culture based adventures so we took the guess work out and provided a few examples of how you might choose to answer the call of the Wilds during your visit to the Western most corner of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula!

Waterfalls, Wilderness, and Woodland Trails

Day 1 – Waterfalls and Wilderness

Bond Falls
100′ of craggy rock surrounded by an easily accessible trail brings you up close and personal to The Wilds of Michigan most glorious waterfall. The altitudinous 50′ of rushing water will rekindle your senses. See its majesty, listen to falls cascade into the Ontonagon River, smell the fresh air.
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The Sylvania Wilderness
Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the solitude of a wilderness experience. Few Wilderness compare to Sylvania with its old growth forest and pristine lakes. Here you will find 34 named lakes – some with sandy beaches, others surrounded by record-sized pines. Spend the afternoon exploring Sylvania and you might just see a rare orchid, a bald eagles, loons and osprey.
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Day 2 – Woodland Trails

Black River Harbor
Quietly cruise along the Black River Harbor Scenic Byway to the Ottawa National Forest’s spectacular signature site – The Black River Harbor. Scenic hiking trails through an old growth hemlock and hardwood forest and five waterfalls make this a favorite scenic stop along Lake Superior.
Rainbow, Sandstone, Potawatomi, Conglomerate, or Gorge, which will be your favorite waterfall?
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Porcupine Mountain Wilderness State Park
Stroll alongside Presque Isle River and discover the numerous waterfalls flowing through ancient hemlocks. Stop at the swinging bridge at the mouth to watch Presque Isle River flow into Lake Superior. To access the falls hikers have the option of parking at the day-use parking area or the Presque Isle River camp site at the southern point of the South Boundary Road. Then follow the West or East trail on either side of the river for a stunning day in the wilderness!
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Peaks, Pines, and Panoramic Views

Day 1 Peaks in the Park

Summit Peak
Spend the early afternoon discovering the wilderness of Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park.
Begin with a hike to the highest point of the Porcupine Mountains, Summit Peak, reaching an impressive 1,958 feet! After climbing to uncover The Wilds of Michigan perspective of sustainable splendor take the South Boundary Road to the Lake Superior Trail. Upon arrival seek the inspiration of the wild and plunge into the refreshing waters of Lake Superior!
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Lake of The Clouds
Viewed from an easily accessible scenic overlook lays Lake of the Clouds. A sight to behold, this lake is surrounded by historical old-growth forests, abundant wildlife and natural beauty. Bring binoculars, a camera, and a keen sight for a chance to embrace a soaring eagle! To access the overlook head to the west terminus of former Michigan highway M-107.
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Day 2 Pines and Panoramic Views

North County Trail
Take to the North Country Trail in Ottawa National Forest. This is the longest National Scenic Trail in the United States stretching from New York to North Dakota, linking seven states and 10 National Forests. Explore Cascade Falls, Bob Lake, Silver Mountain, and Sturgeon Falls along the way!

Dependent on time. Dedicate a day to hiking from the middle portion all the way west or simply choose one of the two sections for a less time consuming half day hike. The middle portion stretches from US 45 to Ottawa National Forest Road 2240 and the west portion stretches from M-64 to US 45.
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Copper Peak Adventure Ride
Copper Peak Adventure Ride is the only ski flying hill west of the Prime Meridian. Ride a 36-story chair-lift to a destination far above the trees. For the more adventurous soul, ascend the additional 18-stories to a panoramic view that will engrain 2,500 square miles known as The Wilds of Michigan into your mind for now and forever.
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People, Places, and Cultural Faces

Day 1 Cultural Faces

Little Girls Point
A lost Ojibwa maiden was found at this very spot on her wedding day. Little Girl’s Point offers charming views of Lake Superior’s eastern shores. Gather a basket full of eats and some towels to go along with it for a historical picnic as you not only soak in the waves of Lake Superior but the Ojibwa culture too.
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Copper Peak Adventure Ride
Trek northeast to discover Copper Peak Adventure Ride, the only ski flying hill west of the Prime Meridian. The 36-story chair-lift will boost you to a where birds are in more abundance than humans. Climb the additional 18-stories for an invigorating 360 degree view of The Wilds of Michigan.
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Day 2 People and Places

Caledonia Copper Mine
Dig into some fun and adventure! Relive the joy of new discovery experienced by the regions early miners as you dig for copper, silver, quartz and a variety of minerals! Celebrate your find! The best part.. Everything you find is yours to keep! Reservations are required.
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Old Victoria
One of the first sites ever mined for copper in the new world is the picturesque little ghost town of Old Victoria. Explore the town that discovered the famous “Ontonagon Boulder”, a 3,708 pound boulder of native copper, originating in the nearby Ontonagon River. The Boulder is now resting in the National Museum of Natural Science at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. While you won’t experience the Boulder you will be immersed in early mining history.
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Ontonagon Lighthouse
Finish the day at The Ontonagon Lighthouse. Step back in time as you imagine from the upper rooms what it must have felt like to be responsible for leading ships safely to Superior’s shore! You can book a tour at the Ontonagon County Historical Museum on Highway 45 in Ontonagon. Tours run daily at 11:00am, 2:00pm, and 4:00pm May 15 through mid-October.